Getting Back to Scouting

Current Status is:

*** AMBER ***

This means the following activities can be performed once a Risk Assessment has been approved


Dear leaders, These are the slides that the DC presented at the leaders meeting these explaining the current position and process for meeting outside during the AMBER Phase

Leaders Meetings

Zoom Meeting 16th July 2020

Watford South Scout Protocol

Watford Scouts Process for restarting

Covid Risk Assessemnt Template

Covid Risk Assessment (.docx Format) ** Please use this one if possible**

Covid Risk Assessment (.doc Format)

Covid Risk Assessment (.pdf Format)

Covid Risk Assessemnt Samples

Covid RA Sample Section Meeting (.doc Format)

Covid Approver Checklist

The following Approver Checklist will be used to assess your Risk Assessemnt, please ensure that all areas are covered.


The following Link is to the National Scout Website Getting everyone back together safely site getting-everyone-back-together-safely


How many Scouts can meet outside under Amber status?
Amber - It is a total of 15 people, this includes all Leaders, Helpers, Young leaders, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and anyone
who will be involved in the session. Note that normal Leader Young Person ratios still applies.
Can we use our Hall for Toilet facilities?
Amber - If your activity is adjacent to an outdoor space then yes, as long as no other groups are sharing the facilities.
But consider how access will be limited and how they will be cleaned.
If we are running at the same location for a number of weeks do we need to re-submit the form for each week?
Amber - No, once a Risk Assessment has been approved, as long as nothing has changed it can be reused.
Do I need to submit my normal RA for running the activity
Amber - No, you still need to have an Activity Risk Assessment as normal in addition to having a Risk Assessment for the location.
But this does not need to be provided with your Location RA. However, if you are using any equipment, you do need to explain
how it will be sanitized between users.
Can we meet indoors
Amber - No under Amber status only outdoor activities of up to 15 people is allowed in addition to the online digital meetings.
Can we use shelters in case it rains
Amber - Yes, but these should not have sides and you need to ensure that you have sufficient to allows social distancing.
Do we need to create a Risk Assessment if our activity is at Lees Wood?
Amber - Yes, it needs to cover the arrangements for the drop off and collection of Young People, the taking and keeping of a
register and confirmation on the maximum number of people attending.
Do we need to create a List of the attendees at the meeting
Amber - Yes, it needs to include EVERYONE, Leaders, Parents, Helpers, and Young People, We recommend that this is kept safe for at
least 21-28 days after the activity in case it is required for track and trace and then it should be disposed of securely
Do we need to create a Risk Assessment if we are planning a Hike/cycle ride?
Amber - Yes, You do need to create one and address all the questions in the template, consider additional risk due to meeting in a public arean
Do we need to create provide an Evening Activity Form if we have completed a RA for a meeting away from our HQ?
Amber - Yes, the RA for Covid is in addition to all the other normal Acitivity Risk assessments and Evening Activity notification forms.
The DC and your GSL need to be aware when you are meeting away from your normal HQ location.

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